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Ecograss South Africa….Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance is intended for….

  • Ecograss South Africa Customers

    We offer maintenance on all artificial grass installed by Ecograss South Africa as well as maintenance on all other Ecograss South Africa products.

  • Non-Ecograss South Africa Customer?

    We will gladly come out and do a thorough maintenance on your existing artificial grass.

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Basic Guidelines For Your Artificial Grass


The minimum maintenance for your artificial grass is once a week with a broom. Brushing the grass ensures that the pile remains standing upright, a soft bristle broom or brush is recommended. During the summer months and high traffic areas, it is recommended to brush regularly to prevent compaction of the blades and also prevent pile crush.

Pet Owner

If you are a pet owner, you will need to carry out daily maintenance as any pet mess should be removed from the surface straight away or daily. The artificial grass turf can be washed down with hot water and this will remove any residue left on the surface. For stubborn stains and areas, a household detergent can be added to the hot water and then rinsed with hot water. Do not use cleaning detergents that contain bleaches or caustic cleaners (ph above 9) or highly acidic cleaning agents (ph below 5). Rinse is important to remove traces of soap or ammonia liquids. Mop or blot up excess liquids.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be removed by freezing. Freezing aerosol cans are available from carpet cleaning suppliers, or dry ice can be used. After freezing scrape with a knife or putty knife.


Extreme precaution should be taken when painting garden sheds, wooden decks or fences. It would be advisable to use “drop sheets” to prevent spillage onto the artificial grass turf.

General Avoidance

There are certain things that should not be done on artificial grass. Anything that involves a naked flame, for instance a bonfire, lighting of fireworks, a braai / barbecue stand on top of the grass, or smoking and tossing of cigarette buds; these activities should not be carried out near the grass. It is important not to get paint, adhesives or chewing gum onto the grass area. Sharp objects such as metal garden furniture should not be placed directly onto the grass surface as it can damage the pile and tuft/latex of the artificial grass turf.

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Top Notch Maintenance Is Key

Your best investment for your artificial grass

The purchase of your Ecograss product is a long term investment and maintaining its appearance is essential.

Therefore we at Ecograss recommend periodic professional cleaning 3 or 4 times a year and definitely during spring and autumn. (Enquire about our professional maintenance packages). If you have not already read the pointers on the left hand side of this page do yourself a favour and do so now. You’ll find some tips on the following;

  • Brushing
  • Pet Owner
  • Chewing Gum
  • Protection
  • General Avoidance and Potential Risks

Ecograss – Professional Maintenance Packages start at just * R5.50 per m².

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